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6 FAQ about Internet Businesses

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Issue #1: Other than teleseminars and one-on-one, what is the easiest way to build a relationship with clients?

Answer: Let your clients know who you are like a person. Let them know you are more than a product or service and that you happen to be human. For example , let them know that you are real by giving non-business related content such as a family newsletter.

Question #2: Here’s my situation. I would like to use Google AdWords to promote an affiliate site. For the Internet visitor clicks on the Google AdWords advert should I send them directly to the affiliate’s web site or to my own website first?

Solution: Send them to your website first. Create a squeeze page of your so you can capture their information. Then once they register send them … Read more

five Tips On How To Cope With Start-up Business Failure

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Don’t be afraid of failure

Do you panic failure? Why?

Is it because failing makes you feel incompetent, failure makes you feel ineffective. Well, let me tell you, that that’s only natural. All of us have failed many times in many things. There is nothing to become ashamed of about it. But what’s important is the way you cope with your failure. Stand up to your failure, look it in the eye, you can change your failure for your greatest success. Now, that is the sign of a brave personality. Your willingness to risk feeling failing for the sake of your business idea or passion, that talks volumes about your seriousness and your commitment for you business. One day, when that risk pays off so when your business is on … Read more

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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