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6 FAQ about Internet Businesses

Issue #1: Other than teleseminars and one-on-one, what is the easiest way to build a relationship with clients?

Answer: Let your clients know who you are like a person. Let them know you are more than a product or service and that you happen to be human. For example , let them know that you are real by giving non-business related content such as a family newsletter.

Question #2: Here’s my situation. I would like to use Google AdWords to promote an affiliate site. For the Internet visitor clicks on the Google AdWords advert should I send them directly to the affiliate’s web site or to my own website first?

Solution: Send them to your website first. Create a squeeze page of your so you can capture their information. Then once they register send them to your affiliate’s website. If you send out them directly to the affiliate’s website then you will overlook their information. This would prevent you from marketing to them by yourself in the future.

Question #3: Do you recommend doing a squeeze page and sales letter page to obtain people to order freebies so you can build your list?

Answer: If Internet visitors have already been through your squeeze page then they are on your list. You should not “squeeze” them again with a squeeze page related to your own freebies.

Question #4: Here’s our situation. I want to give away a free 30 minute video clip interview plus a transcript and a free report. Our question is – Should I give away the free of charge video interview or the free report?

Answer: Give away both the video interview and the record for free. Video interviews are hot right now to ensure that would be a great thing to give away. However , you have to be familiar with needs and wants of your niche. For example , are usually people in your niche audio or visual? Could they be used to reading? Do they want to watch and pay attention to a video instead?

Question #5: This my situation. I received an email list through somebody that wants to do a joint venture with me. My issue is – Should I send out the email to this checklist?

Answer: No . The email should be delivered for you by the person that owns the list. You should not transfer their list into your Autoresponder because this is known as spamming. Plus, if you send it, the email recipients have no clue who you are and could report you as spam.

Question #6: Somebody that had legitimately subscribed to my list gave a spam complaint regarding an email I sent. How can I defend myself from this?

Answer: You need to find exactly who submitted this spam complaint. You need to prove that this individual legitimately opted-in for your list. Immediately delete all of them from your list. Take a screen shot of this in order to prove that you deleted them from your list. Conserve their information into a separate file in case you require it later.

It’s important to realize that you will get junk mail complaints that you don’t deserve. This happens. Receiving a few junk mail complaints every once in awhile is okay. However , if you get a lot of spam complaints then that is not a good scenario.

five Tips On How To Cope With Start-up Business Failure

Don’t be afraid of failure

Do you panic failure? Why?

Is it because failing makes you feel incompetent, failure makes you feel ineffective. Well, let me tell you, that that’s only natural. All of us have failed many times in many things. There is nothing to become ashamed of about it. But what’s important is the way you cope with your failure. Stand up to your failure, look it in the eye, you can change your failure for your greatest success. Now, that is the sign of a brave personality. Your willingness to risk feeling failing for the sake of your business idea or passion, that talks volumes about your seriousness and your commitment for you business. One day, when that risk pays off so when your business is on the path of success, you should have enhanced your reputation many many times over.

Try not to take it personally

Despite the best of intentions, things do go wrong occasionally drastically so. This happens both in personal life and also in any business. It is not a reflection of a person as a person. No one is perfect and we all make some mistakes. Your failure may seem to be the end of the street.

Rather than withdrawing into your own cocoon and giving up on the business idea that you were just until very recently been so passionate about, try to see whatever you could learn from this experience. What could you perform differently the next time to change the outcome from failure in order to success. Remember, what dosen’t kill you will only cause you to stronger.

Seek feedback

Your customers know best. After all they are the users of the product or service. They have a view and a perception that could totally surprise you. Do not be ashamed to ask. Never unconciously make assumptions and base your activities on your assumptions. Ask for your customer feedback. Lend the ear to all who are willing to provide a constructive comments. There are countless examples of businesses that have turned on their own around from failure to success, by hearing their customer feedback and acting on it.

Take Action

Distance yourself from the failing and try to objectively analyse what went wrong plus why. Let not your emotion cloud your own view. Do not hold any grudge on anyone. Just evaluate.

And once you understand what that was the root cause or causes of this failing, set about putting in place an action plan to ensure that this particular failure does not happen again. It may be something that can be a quick fix or it could even be something that would certainly require some time. But if you have a plan in place and you also act on the plan, then not only will you be much better prepared next time, but you could discover opportunities that you simply never realised.

Focus On The Future.

When failures do happen, as they certainly will, learn from them and try to move on. There is nothing that you can do to change the past. So try to see failure from a various perspective and focus on the future. See the possibilities. Operate the same scenario through your mind, but this time try to visualise a successful outcome. Envisageing a successful outcome will assist you to create the environment for a successful outcome next time.

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